Wagar Adult Education Centre Hosts Financial Literacy Event for Newcomers to Canada

By Nur Erdem

The Wagar Adult Education Centre in Côte Saint-Luc successfully organized a Financial Literacy event on May 22. This program was  specifically designed for the students, many of whom are newcomers to Canada from diverse international backgrounds. The event aimed to equip these new Canadians with essential financial knowledge and skills to help them navigate their new lives more effectively.

On hand was a team from the two  RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Côte Saint-Luc branches. They provided invaluable financial information and advice. Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of the attendees, RBC included native Ukrainian-speaking financial advisors and a Persian-speaking advisor. These individuals formed groups based on language preference, offering personalized financial advice in Ukrainian and Persian, in addition to the sessions conducted in English and French.

Marisa Volpe (RBC Brach Manager) talks to students.

The RBC team, headed by branch manager Marisa  Volpe,  generously provided snacks and water. Complementing this, Wagar  arranged for pizza and juice, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for all attendees.

This event was a significant step towards empowering newcomers with the financial literacy they need to thrive in Canada. It highlighted the commitment of both Wagar and RBC to support the integration and success of new Canadians through practical and accessible education initiatives.

Joining Ms. Volpe was client advisor Simin Hayati, who speaks Persian as well as client and banking advisors Valeriia Vyshinskaia and Andrei Tuhari, who speak Russian.

The students had lots of questions to Valeriia Vyshinskaia, RBC Client Advisor.

It is hoped that other RBC Royal Bank branches will conduct similar programs

See some photos taken at the event.

Wagar Financial Literacy from EMSBTV on Vimeo.


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